We work with a range of clients from those just starting out to some of the more established brands. All have their own unique set of requirements whether that is raising their company's profile amongst influencers - media, investors, social commentators or customers, launching a new product or service or building value in their business with the intent of selling in the future, we can provide the best communication advice and strategy for moving forward. 

Mave is part of a wider marketing communications collective. Together, we make up a bunch of highly experienced digital and brand communication specialists, marketers and content developers that can bring additional levels of expertise when needed. 





We make a point of understanding your business, where you are at on your journey, what distinguishes your product or service, what makes you tick and what keeps you up at night.  This ensures we have left no stone unturned and are absolutely clear on what needs to be achieved.


We review what we have learnt and develop a robust communication strategy to support your business goals. Whether that's coming up with a story to generate coverage or creative idea that gets people talking, our aim is to bring your brand to life and drive commercial success. 


We are not bound by media channel and anchor everything around great content - content that has purpose and generates news and social currency.


Mave connects the dots between engagement and tangible results. The criteria for success is defined upfront, long before a campaign begins and we'll assess the results along the way to ensure we're on track. 





Here are some of the brands we've recently had the privilege of working with.

PR and marketing for start-ups and ambitious brands

About Mave

Mave is a small, energetic PR and marketing communications agency based in Cambridge. We specialise in helping start-ups and ambitious brands get their name out there and build their profile.

We're not your typical agency - we're straightforward, transparent and tenacious. We love a challenge and push creative boundaries to drive the best possible outcome for our clients - and without the huge price tag.  

Whether you’re an up-and-coming consumer brand or next-gen technology start-up, we'll find new and interesting ways to tell your story to those who can have the biggest, most positive impact on your brand.



If you have a project or an idea you’d like us to look at, we'd love to hear from you.

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